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Finishing Salvaged Butcher Block for Dining Table

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Hello LumberJocks!

I am a complete novice and could use some guidance from the pros. I have acquired a huge salvaged butcher block style workbench top (54×64) and I am hoping to use it as a dining room table. I would like to maintain the patina to an extent but would not mind losing/lightening some of the paint and filling some of the larger gouges. Also it is fairly grimy, reeks of linseed oil, and might weigh 400lbs. I did clean a corner of it with a little steel wool (000) and liked the result. Would you guys recommend working through a few grades of steel wool to help smooth and clean it a bit before sealing? How should I attack this thing? Thanks so much! Additional pics are here

Brown Wood Rectangle Wood stain Wall


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Use 0000 steel wool and a liquid stripper/after wash to clean it up. Leave some of the paint and don't fill in the knicks etc - honor it's past. Then coat it with some shellac or varnish of your choice, rub it down with more 0000 steel wool and wax and enjoy.
Thanks so much for the advice! What would you recommend in terms of after wash? Mineral Spirits? Thanks again!
Sure, you could wipe it down with that. That is just how I would do it. Industrial chic is hot and a lot of people wouldn't even touch that top, steel edge and all. They'd just find some machine base to put the top on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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