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Finish for Table Sled?

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I completed my first table sled from maple ply and poplar. Any suggestions on what kind of finish I should put on it?

Its a monster that will be used for a specific jig for flattening one side of a spindle. Once that is done, I am going to shorten it up and add a blade exit portion.
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Pictures please!
I am sure that most of us do not put any type of finish on the sled. But that is really a matter of personal choice.

If I were going to put a finish on my sled I would spray a couple coats of poly on it. I would also put a coat of wax on the runners when the poly had cured.
sounds good
On my sleds and outfeed table, I just use Johnson's paste wax.
Just a little wax on mine.
I agree with the above. I lightly waxed the sleds I recently built (top and runners) and don't see a reason to do anything else.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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