Lee Valley - Japanese milled tooth files (Rating: 5)

I bought these files after a little searching for more shapes and sizes of the Nicholson Plasti-Cut file that I had come across (top right file w/red handle). The Nicholson has been a go to for awhile in the shop and I found these Japanese files @Lee Valley so I thought I would order 1 of each cut grade and order more as I needed.

The files all work great and are worth the price especially compared to hand cut modeler rasp. They all leave a glass finish but can be aggressive also. I found No difference in their cut/finish but rather that the finer the teeth the more they were apt to load up and time taken to brush the teeth out or tap on the bench. My reccomendation would be to order the fine or medium cut in whatever you want, curved or flat. The X-fine works great but loads more like a regular metal file. http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=63451&cat=1,42524