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finally some satisfaction... however!

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First off.. Thanks to all that gave me guidance on sharpening… I polished the backs of my chisels and plane irons and its tons better… could use one more grit to really get it scary sharp but ….

I built a mallet over the weekend and it tuned out great! I know it turned out great because I used it to chisel out some dovetails last night and it didnt fall apart on the first waste cut…lol. Felt great to actually make something that wasnt tossed into the scrap/fire pile.

While planing my sides for the drawers, which I was dovetailing. I noticed that after joining the edges I was a little to heavy on the left hand while planing and I knocked my sides out of square…. I worked around it by matching my ends and moved forward. Guess it will just take practice to get the feel down pressure wise.

I am a totally rookie at handtools and the finer side of woodworking… Have done mostly framing and odd and end construction type stuff… needless to say I have not been in a zen place like this in sometime.. Thanks again to all of you with sawdust in your veins…

Will post pics under my projects tonight!!
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sounds like progress to me!

like everything else in life (some more noticeable then other) it takes practice, and develop muscle memory to get the action just right and be able to finesse your work. another thing is it takes practice and getting familiar with how to fine tune your planes to plane straight and true.

if you havent done so already - I highly recommend Garrett Hacks' The Handplane Book it's a great read, and very informative.
You learn by doing--Keep it up!!!!
keep up the good work each one you do you get better
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