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finally. Been working on this since October of last year!

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This cedar lined chest is by no means perfect. But some times to make something unusual; you may have to make it practical until you figure out all the kinks before it becomes a masterpiece. Please don't copy as it has taken me since October of last year to make this dream come through:

Plant Wood Rectangle Outdoor bench Musical instrument

Wood Wood stain Rectangle Hardwood Table

Plant Furniture Musical instrument Chair Couch

Natural material Wood Plant Wood stain Grass


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Wow! Wow! Wow! Mr jinx amazing work. This is really an amazing piece of craftsmanship
Thanks Kaleb.. I really appreciate your input.
I like it and don't worry, I won't copy it.

You are aware that sooner or later somebody will find that picture on Google images and copy it, right? Hope you're okay with that because it's the nature of the net.

But I suspect you'll have come up with an even better version by then.
JAAune, Yes, no problemo with creating a variation of this. As I said, it takes a long time to come up with something new like this; in my case several months. Just appreciate giving credit where credit is due. There is no way in Heaven I can sell this to compensate 8 months of work.
nicely done mrjinx,I see some Cedar,but what other wood is it made with?pine/Walnut?
Great design,I love the hinges.
You said masterpiece. I must agree. Amazing. I could take a decade and still not come up with a piece that original in style, design, engineering, and artistic merit.

I'm going to keep commenting until it makes the daily top three.

Added to favorites.

Sounds like a good idea but this is not a project page and only project pages can be in the daily top three.

Try commenting on it here
Thanks guys,
Ken, Out side is all Cherry and walnut. The hinges are Oak. Inside and the bottom of the lid are cedar.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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