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I picked up a couple walnut sawlogs this morning from a guy on craigslist. Plan on having it milled down into 5/4 lumber with a few 8/4 live edge slabs taken as well…These were open field trees so I don't expect any nails. The guy said between five mature trees he had five dumptruck loads of walnuts. Swore up and down he would never plant them again. The dropped nuts have given him a 3 acre plot of trees that took off from the dropped nuts of the ones he planted.

 20" x 8'<br />2
15" x 7'
1 @ 8" x 9'......not sure if the my sawmill can go anything with this one but hey I'll take it anyways

Paid $100 for the lot cut and loaded in the back of my truck. Was felled a few years ago which I understand doesn't make a difference with walnut but can ruin logs in some species if it sits too long. That's at least what I was told by reading other forum posts.

Fresh cuts were sealed with some white exterior latex paint as I can't find any local stores that carry achorseal. There are existing cuts on the logs that caused some minor checking.

So that's

234 bf for the three bigger logs minus a conservative 25% for waste and sapwood

So I paid for 175.5 bf total = @ $0.57 a bf for heartwood.

Am I calculating this right? I came up with the 234bf from the doyle scale. Is the 25% waste realistic?

Not looking at this from a business aspect as I don't run one but rather to see if it's worth it as rough cut 5/4 walnut around here from a woodmizer guy is usually around $4-$5 a bf.

With sawmilling costs of $200 I'm looking at $1.70 a bf cost out of pocket if I can get that 175.5 bf yield.





1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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