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Fence and rail dogs - updates to the workshop

Festool fence and rail dogs
updates to the workshop.

Let's just get started:

The postman brought me these wonderful aluminium things, all the way from UK.
(Once they are out of the EU, that kind of shopping will be over again).

I had decided to replace my home made fence dogs, made from steel pipe, with some new and fancy dogs.
Actually the old once worked fine, but they were so tight, that it was a struggle to get them out, when I needed that, also I just found the new dogs kind of sexy. Laughs.

Mounted on the fence.
Cool and functional.

For the rail dogs, they are just slipped in and tightened up, while placed in the holes.

Then the collars are set for desired cut hight when needed.
Only little problem is where do I put the hex key…

A piece of hardwood and two rare earth magnets, glued in with epoxy.

Sized to a perfect fit, in the rail.

The hex key shortened.

To fit inside the rail.

Ready to rock and cut.

Here a way to use it, some plywood are put on the table, against some fence dogs, to align it.

Rail with rail dogs are put in and now it's time to route a rabbet, saw or what ever one need, the holes give you a perfect 90 degrees.
(Hope you got the simple description).

Also made my self a small tray, to keep the most used dogs at hand.

The rest have a place in the small drawers.

Hope it can be to some inspiration, or a happy wruuffff!

Best thoughts,

In the link in my email I can open your pictures. When I'm on the LJ site I don't see any pictures. This is not only with this post but also with the ones before about the Festool stuff.
1 - 1 of 117 Posts
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