Festool - 2013 Tool Catalog (Rating: 5)

Though not a tool in the strict sense, the Festool 2013 tool catalog has provided me with hours of interesting speculation and tool comparisons. I should state from the beginning that I do not own a Festool and will probably never be able to afford one. The power tools I have been able to afford are the reason I love looking at the Festools. Whilst my power tools do an adequate job, the lack of vision by their manufacturers provide a sad "what might have been" comparison with the Festools. Take my power tools - all from the same manufacturer - yet few of them have interchangeable vacuum hose connections. My router has none, my 3"x21" beltsander has a pitiful little zipper bag to collect the dust, my old circular saw had a small (1"?) tube I could never find a hose for and my new saw has no dust collection whatever. My 6" and 5" rotary sanders where a step in the right direction with an interchangeable hose available if you looked long enough. I keep thinking, what if the managers at Porter Cable, Delta or Dewalt had had the foresight 15 years ago to design a reasonably priced vacuum system that would fit every one of their tool's dust ports? What if someone had had the vision to create a system of tools instead of standalone designs? What if one of them had offered a track guide that would work with their circular saw, router, and jig saw? Why wasn't there an American Festool company? Companies chasing a dollar instead of a vision? Lack of thoughtful management? Contempt for the intelligence of their tool purchasers? What do you think?