Fein - MultiMaster (Rating: 5)

The Fein Multimaster handles every job with ease and precision. The bit changing process is very easy and holds the tool very solidly. I tried cutting wood, and 1/8 " aluminum , cutting holes for my car speaker sheet metal, and sanding. It does everything well, and cuts through sheet metal much easier than the rotozip or dremel with metal cutting disk.

When cutting sheet metal I've noticed that it doesn't give off that hot spark unlike most metal cutting tools.

It also sands really well when used properly which saves me a ton of time sanding.

It also has more power than I really need. I hardly use the maximum speed setting unless I'm cutting thick wood or metal.

This is a really nice product and it's worth every penny. Everyone should have one of these whether you're a car audio installer like myself, or a hobbyist.

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