FastCap - 16 Foot PS-SP Tape Measure (Rating: 5)

When I die, everyone will say, "How many tape measures and flashlights does one guy need?!" Well, I'm sorry, but I carry these two items with me all day working and usually into the evening if I'm in the shop, so I'm always on the lookout. About two years ago I was in Johnson's Workbench picking up some lumber and thinking about this huge trim project I was about to embark on while remodeling my house. Since we were already living here, the chop saw needed to remain down in the garage, so I was going to be running up and down the stairs (my garage is off the basement walkout level). This little tape caught my eye; I think it was $15 or so. The white circle on the face is a writing pad for pencil that you can erase easily with a licked finger. The blade also has a story board line below an easy to read fractional scale. Add the thumb lever to the belt clip, pencil sharpener, bottom pressure lock, solid 7' standout, and a lightweight case that won't pull your pants down, and you've got a great all around the shop tape measure for those with bad eyes and short memory. I liked it so well, I went back and bought several more for Christmas presents that year.

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