FastCap - Track Rack (Rating: 5)

Hi all

Recent buy, and it's a winner. Anyone who has a track saw has probably realized the potential for the track itself to become bent, or not functional. I've heard a few horror stories. I have been lucky, and have not had a problem, but it is a storage problem to hide a 9' long track and never have it get hit while moving around large boards.

I happened upon this FastCap Track Rack, it was on sale, and I thought this is a good thing.

It also allows you to very quickly, and easily mount it in a spot you probably aren't using. The back of your roll up garage door. I generally don't do much of anything near this spot, and it holds your track tight, and securely. So likelihood of you having an accident are reduced as far as they are likely to be anywhere else.

The hinges on my door are evidently extra heavy duty, and I didn't have room to mount between the hinges up on the door where I could just walk up, and snatch it down, so I was forced to mount it on the bottom panel where it was only hinged at the top of that panel. Dreading having to bend down to get it, the lightbulb went off, and I realized I just had to open the door, and stop it where I wanted the track to be. Then after taking it off or putting it on, I could lower the door.

It has a shoe at the bottom where the track fits down into, and the top has the turn closure, that clicks closed, and stays put until you turn it back. Travel up and down of the door does nothing to change that, so it will ride up and down until you need the track, and removal is just a few seconds.

Fast, easy, secure, storage of an item you don't want to keep replacing, those long tracks are expensive. For what it is, this is a bit spendy, but versus the price of a long track, it's dirt cheap. They are sold in pairs of 2. I used mine horizontally, but they have a foot that can mount on either side of one or both to mount something vertically as well. I can see this helpful for the short length. Sized to fit DeWalt, Makita, and Festool as is, and you can cut out the center part that you use for vertical mounting to shrink down the fit to go over many long flat rails, like the Pro Grip straightedge guides

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