iGAGING - Bench Squares Part Number: 34-290 (Rating: 5)

I decided to give these bench squares a chance even though iGaging stuff gets mixed reviews here. I decided to get the set with 4 and 7 inch squares because I am a sucker for marketing. Total cost shipped to the house was ~$77 from https://www.chipsfly.com/. They also sell the squares individually (w/out the snazzy case and pencil) or in metric as a set (100mm and 175mm)

Bottom Line Up Front
For those that don't care to read what follows, these things are square, the markings are accurate and the customer service at chipsfly is outstanding. I'd recommend these to anyone and may buy the 100mm metric offering if they ever sell them separately.

Are they Square?
Yes both of them are. You are going to have to trust me about them passing the knife mark scratch test because I couldn't get a decent picture. They also show zero light when butted against each other or my Starrett combination square.
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(sorry about how blurry this one is)

Are the markings accurate
Again yes. I compared them to my Starrett combination blade and as far as I can tell the marks are dead on.
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(wait what is that red triangle trying to get in frame)

Features (boy that smaller one looks familiar)
These squares have a lot of the features that are on the DelVe square. (I have one of the initial OTT offerings). I almost didn't get the 4" square because i have the 3" DelVe. All of them have holes every 1/8th of an inch, have 1/4" and 3/8" offsets bases and have degree markings along the hypotenuse of the blade. However, there are some noticeable differences.
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I used all three squares when laying out cuts for my drill press table that I will get around to posting eventually. My ratings of the differences between the woodpeckers and iGaging squares are based on that experience.

The easy to see differences in no particular order are:
The holes in the blades of the igaging squares are larger than the woodpecker offering. This means I can use a regular pencil to scribe parallel lines. Which is a plus and a minus because you have to be a little more careful when pulling the square along the edge to make sure the pencil doesn't wobble but I didn't constantly break pencil leads like I do when trying to use a mechanical pencil
There are more angle marking on the iGaging including 22.5 and 67.5 degrees.- So far I'm indifferent to this because I haven't needed to layout those angles.
There is a 45degree cut out in the iGaging squares- this is a positive because it allows you to use these to find the center of round stock.
There are vertical graduated markings on the iGaging shoe. These can be used to set blade/bit depths. This is a nice to have but I found myself using my 4" double square to confirm blade heights for dado cuts. But it was nice to have something get me close to start.
The shoe on the igaging squares have dip near one end. This is a slight minus. You have to make sure that dip isn't where you want to scribe a line when using the 3/8 or 1/4inch offset or you could get messy pencil squiggles when the positive edge disappears.
One of them is bigger. This is a positive for me because I don't have another measuring tool with these features. I have found myself wishing the Delve square was larger from time to time.
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Customer Service
The first set that came to the house had an issue. Neither of the blades were set flush with the shoe. This picture was all it took and the chips fly folks sent a new set.
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This is a plus and a minus. It was unfortunate that there was an issue at all but I am happy that the company resolved the problem quickly. The original set were also square and the markings were accurate.

I would recommend buying either of these squares but strongly suggest checking them for square or any other issues. The 5 star rating accounts for features, functionality and customer service. These things are just as square as more expensive offerings.
Do I think these are a workshop necessity? no but they do make layout tasks easier.
Do I regret buying the set instead of just the 7" square? No because who would ever admit to having more actual square references in the shop and I've doubled my chance of having one of the smaller squares close to where I need it.
Why did I buy the imperial versions? I live in 'merica and try as i might I can't quite train my brain to think in metric, even if it makes more sense.