Hitachi - C10FSH (Rating: 5)

Hi all,

Since I've read so much good advice, I thought I'd contribute a little myself. I've had the C10FSH for a couple of years now and have to say it is hands down a fantastic saw. It's a dual bevel 10 inch slider that I bought so I could cut some boards to lay under a shed. I've also used it for some fine trim work and hope to use it for some furniture building. It is dead-on accurate and doesn't need to be readjusted unless you change the blade. It has one laser, which you could set for either side of the blade. Two would be nice though. The laser is adjusted by a small knob on the side of the blade. It is really easy to adjust and sure beats having to use an allen wrench like I've seen on some other saws (other Hitachis included).

The handle is a perpendicular handle, not the D handle and is better for right-handers since there is a safety thumb switch on the left side that you need to press before pulling the trigger. The sliding action is silky smooth with no play in the motion. The handle conformation really helps with the sliding action but is a little awkward if you're doing non-sliding cuts. But not a deal-breaker by any means. The saw has plenty of power and has a good 5 year warranty. It's cheaper than the other saws in the price range. And even if it weren't, I'd still buy it. Plus, it is pre-alien style so it looks normal (although I don't mind the Hitachi alien styling as much).

A couple of things to consider though: the left side has a normal height fence. But the right side is very short, good for short pieces or laying things flat. You can purchase a right side fence but it's really expensive ($50 right now on Amazon). I have a Hitachi 12 inch non-slider that I was going to sell but kept for tall stock, crown molding, 4X4 posts so the lack of right side fence doesn't irk me as much. But it may annoy others. Also, it does not have table extensions to support stock. The table on it is not bad in size. But if you have a miter saw stand, it won't matter anyway (I highly recommend the Ridgid MS-UV as it has wheels).

Last thing: There is a non-laser version you could buy (C10FSB) but it seems to usually be only about $20 cheaper. Even if you don't think you're going to use the laser feature, it's worth getting it since, well, you never know.

I would say buy this if you're looking for an alternative to the Bosch, Makita and Ridgid sliders (although that's a 12 inch). Don't buy this if you're looking for an alternative to Harbor Freight, GMC, Ryobi, Craftsman/Kobalt 10 inch sliders because it is definitely not cheap to purchase.