R yobi - JS651L1 6.1-Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw with Speed Matach (Rating: 4)

I am generally not a fan of Ryobi tools, although I think my option may be tainted based on their older tools, the newer green ones are slowly winning me over. I have owned this for about a year now, so I feel I have plenty of time with it to offer up a fair review…
Maybe i'm a little out-of-date, but I have never used a jigsaw with variable speed that wasn't just "pull the trigger less" and I've never used an orbital jigsaw, let alone one where the orbit was variable. At first I though the variable orbit was gimmicky, but this tool quickly showed me that is it a pretty indispensable feature; cut quality, speed, and maneuverability are night and day on various materials when you play with the orbit. The dial adjusted variable speed is also a welcome feature which helps to keep cuts much more consistent and accurate.
Overall the tool seems very well built. It is robust, powerful, ergonomic, and best of all affordable at well under 1/2 of of what a comparable DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch or others sell for. To be fair, I have no first-hand experience with these other brands, but I can't imagine they could possibly so far superior that they are worth 2-3 times the price of this Ryobi, certainly not for what I do anyway!

However…. and this is a big However. The foot on this does not like to stay where you put it. I have found on multiple projects that the angle of the foot has changed while cutting. I have found that if I really tighten the foot with the supplied (and stored on-board) allen wrench, it will stay "good enough", but it still isn't perfect. I generally use my jigsaw for less-than-critical cuts, so a little wandering is fine, but if you need to rely on this for precise cuts I may look elsewhere simply due to this foot issue. If not for this one issue, I would give it 5 stars and see no need to ever spend more money on a jigsaw.