Faithfull - No.7 Jointing Plane (Rating: 4)

Faithfull No.7 Jointing Plane
The other day I had a HUGE surprise and an unexpected gesture that left me speechless from a buddy and fellow woodworker Bill Giglio AKA builtinbkyn who send me an incredible gift… a Faithfull No.7 Jointing Plane.
WOW… a huge thank you Bill !!!!!!!

The plane out of the box it looks massive and strong with cast iron body, brass locking screw and tuning knob and wooden handles. I would say a very good quality.
As expected the plane was not ready at all out of the box but it was nothing that a good sharpening could not easily fix. Its base needed very little flatting (even if I didn't it would not matter) and that happily surprised me. Spend about an hour cleaning it from the oil and flattening/sharpening and it was good to go… it worked like a charm !!!
I would say that for its category is a very good product and it really put a smile on my face.

Thank you Bill buddy
God bless you !!!
Stelios AKA Steliart