Veritas - Prairie Dogs (Rating: 5)

I purchased a set a few months ago, so I figured I'd post a quick review. Hope it helps others decide if these are for them.

Initially, I honestly thought I wouldn't like these. My first impression was that they seemed cool in a gadgety sort of way, but that they might be one of those things that fixes a problem that doesn't exist. Boy was I wrong! The little plates that go under the holes are really easy to install and readily flip out of the way when needed. The fit of these in a 3/4 hole is just perfect. It's ever so slightly looser than a regular dog, but still snug enough that they stay in place. I had couple holes that they are getting stuck in occasionally (likely I didn't bore them straight), but running a spinning bit back down through them fixed that. Do make sure your dog holes are straight and not undersized before you jam these down in them.

So overall these are great! Because they are looser than a regular dog they are easier to pull in and out and if you're not using them it's nice to just be able to pop them out of the way. They're also nice anywhere you might have a stopped hole, such as on a deep vise chop, which is where they have taken up permanent residence on my bench. They've added a remarkable amount of convenience to my bench.