Veneer Supplies - Retailer Review: (Rating: 5)

I'm pretty stingy with my praise-but I've ordered twice from and have come away both times with a great experience. They deserve your business.

I've gotten Marbled Walnut, Figured Spanish Cedar and Birdseye Maple from them-and they've been super fast to fill the order, super fast to get it out into the mail, and in a couple of days I've had it in my Illinois shop. They pack the veneers well and their customer-communication is prompt and helpful.

Their website is great (I'd love to see EVEN bigger pictures of the veneers-but clearly they're big enough to make a purchasing decision), and the service is really more than you'd expect. There's a ton of advice, guidance and information there, too.

I believe they're just a small business-maybe just two people?-and your dollars will be well spent with them.