Micro Jig - Grr-Ripper GR100 (Rating: 4)

So I purchased this because of a couple of reasons:

I am tired of spending a lot of money on trim and molding at the the big box stores and I have started to make my own on the router table easy!!!!!! BUT when it came to cutting 1/4" -1/2" strips of a larger piece I felt very uncomfortable and unsafe ripping these dimensions on my TS..

On top of this need I have been bombarded with magazine articles and TV commercial promoting this product and I decided that I would see what all the fuss is about..

What I like:
1. Solidly built even though its a plastic push stick.
2. Peace of mind that I'm not going to loose fingers ripping boards as small as 1/4' anymore..
3. Extremely versatile on Table saw and Router table..
4. Very well put together instructional DVD and user manual.. explain everything that it can do and how to use safely use it and producing quality woodworking.
5. I like that the material I'm cutting doesn't have burn marks from the saw blade because of the equal distribution of force with the hand held jig.
6. Very much like the leapfrog approach using 2 of the jigs but its a little pricey to buy 2 at one time so Ill use it for a while and buy another down the road.
7. It grips the wood extremely well and doesn't budge
8. The side piece( balance support) of the jig almost acts a a feather board when cutting narrower pieces of stock.
9. You can build your own shop made accesories such as a wooden riser for working with wood thick than 2"
10. Its controls both side of the cutting blade resulting in drastic decrease in kickback

What I don't like:
1. The price point $60 for the basic model and at the end of the day it is a plastic push stick..
2. Its a heavily accessorized jig and they give you the bare minimum ob the base model..
3. The side of the jig only acts as a feather board if your cutting a piece no wide and 2.5"
4. I think if you spend $60 on this jig Micro Jig should give you the stabilizing plate and the spacer adjustment with it and not charge $80 for the upgrade model..