JET - AFS-1000B 1000 CFM Air Filtration System, 3-Speed, with Remote Control (Rating: 3)

I ordered a Jet air filtration system several months ago and have been putting off a review until I had plenty of experience with its performance.

Product Information: - Amazon $370
Review - JET 708620B AFS-1000B 550/702/1044 CFM 3-Speed Air Filtration System with Remote and Electrostatic Pre-Filter
"Filters 98 percent of all 5-micron particles; 85 percent of 1-micron particles"
550/702/1044 cfm on the low/medium/high speed settings
14" tall x 32" long x 26 wide
2/4/8 hour timer for automatic shutoff
1/5 HP motor, standard 110V, 6' cord with 3-prong plug
5 micron outer filter, 1 micron inner filter
Remote control

I hung the unit in the middle of the shop with the inlet oriented towards the area where I do most of my sanding and dusty work. I typically turn the unit on when I'm sanding, planing, routering, or using my table saw for an extended length of time. My belt and random orbit sander are attached to a shop-vac to pull off most of the dust. The table saw and planer both are connected to the main dust collection system. When I use the router table it is also connected to the dust collection system. Hand router work is not connected to anything and generates huge amount of dust.

I typically turn the unit on the low speed setting except when I'm planing I use the medium setting and when I'm hand routering or cleaning the air before spraying I turn it on high.

I will also turn on the unit when I finish projects using my HVLP spary system and poly-urethane finish. By its nature, there is a lot of overspray and the unit filters some of it out.

The unit is loud, especially on the outlet side on all 3 speed settings. Since I'm wearing ear muffs, it isn't an issue to my hearing.

The inner and outer filters are dirty which means the unit is filtering dust out of the air. However, I still have a lot of dust settling on everything which means that it isn't cycling the air fast enough. That probably means it is too small for the area despite product claims that it is the right size for a 2 car garage sized room.

The timer is nice if you want to leave the unit on to clear the air while you are out without having to remember to come back and shut off the unit.

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The replacement filters are not cheap. Inner filter $65, outer filter - washable $35, disposable $22 12×24x1 which is not sold at the local big box store. The washable filter is not washable, I vacuum it off periodically but even that is hard on it.

The outer filter does not fit well into the opening. There are gaps around the sides which lets larger particles into the inner filter causing it to blind off faster.

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As I mentioned, the unit is loud.

Ultimately, there is still a lot of dust that settles on everything even with the unit operating at high speed. Same goes for over spray when I'm finishing.

Dust collection is most effective at the source. This unit does an OK job of filtering the air, but the cost of the unit, and especially the cost of the replacement filters make this an expensive unit with marginal performance. 3 Stars out of 5