Logosol - PH 260 four sided planer moulder (Rating: 5)

2 months ago, i got my hands in this moulder. i had been looking at it for some time. I've looked at W&H and Hollytek moulders as well. it wasn't untill the sales rep of Logosol Canada gave me a live show of this machine, that made me go for it. it is accurate and it is easy to figure it out ( Shaper user knowledge prerequisite ). i've bought mouldings in the past made with multi head big industrial machines, and I'm doing my own mouldings now with the same quality of those. I will post a video of recent moulding I've made out os Sap birch. Only thing to be improved in this machine, THE RAISING AND LOWERING TABLE SYSTEM!!!. to heavy, it takes lots of streght.