SerVaas Laboratories - Bar Keeper's Friend (Rating: 5)

Not a great tale of restoration as others in LJs post, but a review that confirms what others told me: "BAR KEEPERS FRIEND" is a very capable cleaner for wood tools. In this case, of Stanley No. 32 rule that had certainly seen better aesthetic days.

As shown above, the ruler was not very legible when I got it. Here's the rule from a farther distance.

Wood Key Font Gas Household hardware

I posted a couple pictures of my flea market find on the Marking and Measuring thread and a discussion ensued re: ways to get the wood clean without removing the marked lines. I linked in that forum to a C. Schwarz article espousing oxalic acid as the way to bleach boxwood of his old rulers back to useable condition. Ian (Shampeon) and Jim (Boatman53) each spoke highly of this product; when Ian said it was mild oxalic acid and detergent and that it was available anywhere, I jumped.

Today I picked up a container at True Value on my way home from work. A tooth brush applied a thinnish paste of powder mixed with water. A little light scrubbing gave me a clear indication of what was happening.

Wood Track Tool Artifact Tints and shades

Wood Musical instrument String instrument Guitar accessory Plucked string instruments

After final cleaning and a rinse with water, I dried the rule and headed over to the shop to apply a 'finish' to my new rule.

Bottle Wood Table Wood stain Hardwood

Now it's beautiful.

Musical instrument Wood Tool String instrument accessory Office ruler

Review is five stars because I love what BAR KEEPERS FRIEND did for me and this SW No. 32.

Thanks for looking!