Betterley Industries - Betterley StraightLine Connector (Rating: 5)

For anyone who's not aware, the ends of Festool tracks are not guaranteed to be square. You do not connect sections of track by butting them together because it won't ensure the track will be straight across the connections. By leaving a small space between the two sections of track being joined, you can use various methods to align the track and ensure an overall straight track.

Festool recommends using the track saw itself to align the sections. In my view this is the least accurate method since the track saw base is relatively short. It also requires tightening the adjustment jaws on the saw to lock the track in place. Additionally, the track has to be flipped over to tighten the second connector bar from the back side. There's no way to use the track saw when doing that, and the joint could be misaligned.

A better option is to use a straight edge. It works well when tightening the top connector bar, and can be used after flipping the track to align it while tightening the bottom connector. Very accurate, but clumsy.

Enter the Betterley StraightLine Connector. It locks onto the track and pulls it straight. Once the top connector bar is tightened, it holds the track sections in place while it is flipped over to tighten the bottom connector bar.

Using a 0.005" feeler gauge, I can attest that the result is indeed straight.

Here is the overall view of the StraightLine Connector. It is 24 inches long and milled from a solid piece of 1/2×2 1/2 inch aluminum stock. The anodized finish is flawless.

Gas Composite material Electric blue Wood Auto part

This view shows the underside and the mechanism that locks the track guide in place.

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A close up look.

Azure Rectangle Font Wood Gas

This shows the StraightLine Connector in place on the track.

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This notch clearly shows where to align the joint.

Rectangle Wood Font Gas Tints and shades

It takes less than a quarter turn of the knob to engage the lock.

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It does an excellent job of keeping the track sections aligned as you flip it over to access the bottom connector bar.

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Priced at $109, this product is well worth the cost. I can only imagine what it would sell for if it had red anodizing.