Oneida - Supercell (Rating: 5)

My 14 year old 1 3/8hp Powermatic dust collector finally bit the dust (pun intended). I'm glad it did. This 5hp Oneida dust collector puts it to shame. I'm not used to working in such a clean shop. The suction on this is amazing. This model is intended to work with either one 4" port or up to three 1 1/2" ports at a time but I routinely use it on a 4" and one or two smaller ports at once and it does just fine.

It is definitely not a quiet machine but seems no more or less noisy than my Powermatic or any other dust collector I've ever heard. In the fall I plan a big shop remodel and will install a system of ductwork around the shop but for now I'm just using the long, very high quality hose that came with it.

It took some time putting it together. The instructions were good but they upgraded the machine since the instructions were printed and didn't make the changes. It was not a big deal. All the parts seem to be of very good quality.

I got the unit with the 35 gal can. I think if you're doing any amount of regular woodworking that's the minimum needed so you don't constantly have to empty the can. There is also a sensor that "looks" into the can to tell you when to change it.

The customer service is awesome. They patiently answered my questions over multiple calls before I decided to go ahead with the purchase. They were knowledgeable, patient and applied zero pressure. The remote did not work right out of the box. It was replaced immediately with no hassle and was simple to swap out.

The unit is not the cheapest on the market but, after looking at its competitors, I felt it was worth it. I feel even better about it having used it.