Air Filters Inc. - Washable Electrostatic Dust Filter (Rating: 5)

I have a Jet AFS-400 Air Filter mounted on the ceiling in my shop. I like having it, but I was frustrated with the stock pleated filters.

The old filters didn't hold up well, and they were to expensive to replace often. I've seen that Rockler sells a washable electrostatic filter…..but not for my model. So, I hit the internet and found this place:

Air Filters Inc out of Nevada.

They've got a nice website. I priced out the size I needed and was happy to find it would be about $40 shipped. That's not much more than the Jet pleated filters. Order one I did.

Air Filters Inc. states custom order will take a couple weeks. I believe it was at my door in about 12 days. It exceeded my expectations. The filter frame was obviously custom made, with a nice aluminum frame riveted at the only seam. The actual filter is reinforced and stout. The website said to allow a tolerance of 1/8" for custom sizes. My order was dead on the measurements I provided.

I've been running it for a couple weeks now and had the chance to wash it today. You can see the nice drain holes in one of the pics above. This is soooo much nicer than blowing or vacuuming a pleated filter. I should have ordered one of these a while ago. I still have to clean the inner sock-style filter from time to time. But the outer filter catches most of it anyway.

For those who don't have a shop air filter, there are all kinds of folks on LJs who have made their own. They are essentially a box, a blower fan, and a couple filters. A guy could probably order a standard size of these filters and build the box accordingly.

I thought it might help someone out there….so I shared.