Ridgid - 10 In. x 50 Tooth Combination Saw Blade Model R1050C (Rating: 5)

I just recently bought this blade after reading some of the reviews on the home depot website. I am very satisfied with it and think its an excellent choice for someone on a budget wanting a nice cutting blade. I havent used any of the high end blades such as the forrest woodworker2 but i would be mighty surprised if they cut that much better then this blade does. I tried it on red oak, pine, douglas fir, MDF, and particle board melamine and it left a super smooth cut in all of them with no tear out on both rip and crosscuts.

For $39.95 i think its a pretty good deal

i plan on getting one of ridgids 90 tooth blades for my miter saw when i get some extra cash

the following is from HDs website

RIDGID 10 In. x 50 Tooth Combination Saw Blade
Model # R1050C
T3 Titanium coating technology maximizes tool performance protecting the from heat and corrosion, while extending saw blade cutting life.
LASER CUT REDUCED VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY delivers quiet performance while reducing vibration
LARGE MICROGRAIN TITANIUM CARBIDE provides maximum cutting life and resharpenings.
ENGINEERED TENSIONING keeps the blade running true and flat.
OVERSIZED GULLET DESIGN maximizes chip removal while cutting for a more precise cut.