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Everlast LSP1060 Saw Blade

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Has anyone ever used one of these blades? I'm looking for a plywood/veneer blade and ran across this as an affordable option ($52 shipped). Everlast seems to make some nice industrial blades, but I haven't been able to find any feedback or reviews on this one.

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I've wondered the same thing. Being a maker of industrial blades, I would think they are very good. The price is very reasonable. I would feel secure in ordering one. Even if it didn't perform as well as any other blade, it could always be reground. Another blade I have been looking at are the blades called "world's best", sold by
They are well made. I have one 8" TCG Everlast blade….I don't use it for much, but it's got the right stuff. Do you know the model #? The blade parameters make a huge difference in performance.

A couple of excellent well proven performers.
Here's the one I use…..CMT210.080.10 80T Hi-ATB performance. Very comparable to the Infinity Ultrasmooth and Freud LU80. On sale for $71 shipped.

Another favorite of mine is the Infinity 010-060 60T Hi-ATB. Excellent and versatileblade. < $70
Ghudo Gmaxx blades are pretty solid without breaking the bank. It depends I guess on how much of this stuff you intend to cut. For veneer cuts, which ever blade you decide on make sure it's a thin kerf for that operation. I'd say for the money, Ghudo Gmaxx or Infinity will be your best value. Let us know what you decide on
Knotscot - it's the LSP1060A, 60T, 15 degree ATB, with a positive 10 degree face hook.
LOL….I just read it your title! If all else is equal, more teeth will equate to a cleaner cut. A Hi-ATB grind will have less tearout than a standard ATB. You'll be spending > $50 for "very good" performance….I think you can do better.

The Irwin Marples 80T is a great choice for about the same price.

This Oldham Pro (aka DW3218PT) is about the best bang for the buck I can think of for a very good ply blade…
Actually, those are the other two blades I was considering. The Irwin Marples gets great marks on Amazon, so I think I might give that one a try. Thanks for the help.
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