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Ever thought about a wooden sink?

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How about a double sink? Let's see you throw something like this up on your lathe.

But wait there's more! How about a full bathtub?

See the full product catalog at
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Wooden bathtubs have been the traditional kind in Japan for many centuries. Obviously, they don't look anything like the one pictured above and, unlike it, they are left unfinished.

Cool to see there is somebody doing them though, thanks for the link.
Durability with that depends on using the right finish.

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Actually, cowdog80 it only depends on te finish if you are using the "wrong" wood (i.e. chosen solely for decorative purposes instead of resilience). It's not at all unusual to find unfinished bathtubs that are well over 50 years old here.

Still, these guys seem to be using the proper finishes, I've read the technical pages and they come from the marine industry.
These are great but I would want to use the correct wood like epi. Take a look at there web site there are wooden tubs very cool.
Is there any wood you don't have Rob?
Looking through their site, it appears that the majority of the the "pictures" are 3D renderings. Only a few of the round sinks were actual photos. I'd like to see an actual photo of one of those bathtubs.

Woodrn sinks are definately on my things to do list, but it's a mighty long list.
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