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Ever see an automated table saw fence?

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Hey guys!

Over the last several years I've been working on a pet project of mine: an automated table saw fence. I do a lot of high end cabinetry work and just got tired of messing with a fence all day. Tap a little to left, now to the right, no too far, back to the left, you know the drill.

So anyway I set out to build a table saw fence that could be controlled with a keypad, could self calibrate by touching the blade, and then lock on its own when it goes to the desired width. I called it Pick-it Fence.

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I designed it to fit on a Biesemeyer rail just in case I wanted to switch back. Plus I didn't want to have to drill into the table saw and deal with the hassle of fixing another rail to it so I just welded a pinion rack underneath the existing rail. I had thought about using a worm drive design but after some research I settled on rack and pinion.

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After I settled on drive system I started messing with machine control. I retro fitted a keypad and relabeled the buttons then hooked it up to a seven segment display.

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Of course then I needed to add some motor control:

Shelf Circuit component Gas Engineering Shelving

Then I created a floating ground to make a connection to the saw blade and "zero out". On the side of the body are two flush screws that ground when they touch the blade.

I used it for a few years hoping to productize it but then the recession hit and that put me back for a few years. Fast forward to 2017 and I reached out to a product design company to fully develop it into a product. I didn't have any CAD or documentation so they pretty much redesigned the whole thing, keeping the core features the same. They kinda went all out lol:

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We changed the name and did some rebranding, changed the name to Rip-it, and now we're launching on Kickstarter! Sorry I don't mean to be spammy. I'm just really excited about bringing Rip-it to life and wanted to see what you guys thought! You can see a video of it in action here:


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Very interesting project and soon to be product.
Pretty nifty, so you have the kickstarter link
Very cool. Post your Kickstarter link when you have it up and running.
Thanks y'all!

The project goes live at 10AM PST on May 29th. A preview link is here:

I'll be sure to post another link when it goes live. I'm not sure if this link would still work.

There's more info on my site
Very cool product. What is your projected sales price?
Thanks, KTNC! The video was product in and of itself.

Thanks, hkmiller. Starting May 29th we'll be selling it for $799. The first 15 orders get it for $499!
Looks like a solution in search of a problem. I have my fence and rule adjusted when I put it on the measurement and lock it down it is there. Enjoy it while you work it.
something else thats nice that I cant afford :<((((((
Good luck on your great product and may you have good fortune going forward!
It's about time!
This was going to happen sooner or later!
@oldnovice Haha yes I've been sitting on this for awhile. I actually have the original patent on this and I think that's what's kept some people at bay.
Although the design has changed, it's still fully patented!

@wanho609 Thank you! Please spread the word!

@gr8hunter Rip-it actually does save you money if you run a professional shop. We did an independent time study and this is 6x faster than a standard fence.

@johnstoneb For me the time savings is what really does it. It's personally saved me hours and allowed me to get projects done a lot faster with less headache and rework. I'd be grabbing the next piece of wood while Rip-it was moving to its width and it was locked in by the time I was ready to cut.
Well done, great idea
Can it come off the rail easily? Since my saw is a slider with a Biesemeyer, I often remove the fence if I want to place long panels on the crosscut table.
Hmmm…. I love gadgets and appreciate the engineering that went into this. It is cool. I'm just wondering if it's all that useful. Looks like the video has it on a Sawstop?? My stock Sawstop fence, once calibrated, is dead on. The little magnifier bubble on the rail rule is easy to set and gives consistent cuts each time. It's really not a problem to set and takes seconds. Like someone said before, I wonder if this is a solution in search of a problem?

Either way, I hope I'm wrong and you do well with it. And… it is a way cool mechanism.
Looks like a solution in search of a problem.
- johnstoneb
Altendorf, SCM, Martin, Felder, Tigerstop etc. all disagree.
Efficiency and automation in woodworking(and everything else) is the present and future, like it or not.

Something like this may not be for the average Joe who pulls out his table saw every second Sunday afternoon for an hour or two, but for the serious hobbyist, semi-professional and beyond there is definitely a market for products like these.

Good luck Jeff.
Very cool project and good luck with it, but doesn't Tigerstop already offer a similar solution? Is there something about your design that offers an advantage over their product?
We had a club member do a similar thing to his tablesaw years ago. I hope things go good for your idea. It is a little more technical than his was great job on the fence.
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