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Error when going to shops tab

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Is everyone getting the error when going to the shops page?

Application Error Occurred

Oops! Application error occurred while processing this page. Email has been sent to us with the error report. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Yep, just tried it and got the same as you
Yup. Also whenever I go to the Forums tab (which is my bookmark) my browser freezes for a few seconds while it tries to process something going on in the background. I started noticing that about a week ago, maybe. Firefox.
First time just a minute going to the next pulse page. Firefox, as well.
yep, getting the lumberjocks application error occurred page when going to
Yep….me too.

>AND this from two computers (home & work) all the time usually right in the middle of reading a post or looking at a project. This happens when the browser freezes (as Elizabeth mentioned) for a few seconds and then I get this

Rectangle Font Circle Pattern Magenta

>AND STILL this from two computers (home & work) though not quite as when I posted this issue A MONTH AGO but still does it every once in a while as I'm reading a post or looking at a project

Font Gesture Thumb Parallel Screenshot

>AND TOO, pop ups that slide over to the middle of the screen wanting a survey of KFC ??....Again on both computers (home and work) sorry no screen shot available…

Home computer and work computer are both Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional
I have Bing, but tried Chrome and Firefox on my home computer and experienced the same annoying issues….... The only time I experience issues like this with either computer is when I'm logged into Lumberjocks. In fact I have no issues at all with any other website on either computer

PLEASE don't misinterpret my comments. This is a great website with very talented and knowledgeable woodworkers….but these issues are a real annoyance


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Cricket is aware of it … she has alerted the support team.
@kdc68 when was the last time you saw the disappearing background bug? I found the source of the issue and submitted a fix to the team, which they implemented ~13 days ago - I have not seen the bug since. Your screen shot is from 15 days ago - was that the last time you saw it?
danofpaco...since the screen shot of 15 days ago, the screen background issue has occurred 2 or 3 times again…But with these 2 or 3 times it lasted for a couple seconds or so….not long enough for me to use the Snipping Tool to capture the image….A much improvement than previously complained about, but still doing it
I am truly sorry about the bug with our "shops" navigation tab. As Dane mentioned this has already been reported to our IT guys and hopefully will be fixed quickly.
Yep! Same thing here. Just tried it now.
This page should be working again now.
Yep, it DOES work again! THANKS!
Yes. Okay for me also. What about You Jeff?
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