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i have bowl gouge that is wearing out, the handle is a nice one I made from some walnut I had. My problem is I epoxied the gouge into the handle like I never wanted it to come out, is there any way to break the epoxy bond. I don't want to ruin the handle thanks
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Heat is the enemy of epoxy.
If you don't care about the steel, I'd try heating it up with a propane torch until you see the epoxy starting to soften. Give it some twists and pulls (with the steel in a metal vice) and see if it can be worked loose.
Yep, what splintergroup said. Heat will soften the epoxy heat the shaft with a torch until it will come out.
Even if you care about the steel, heat it up to break the epoxy bond. Give a little time for the heat to travel down the steel into the handle , heat for a min or so , wait a min, heat some more, wait, etc. put the tool end in a vice. Use a strap wrench on the handle, check between heatings if the handle will turn. Wont get hot enough to anneal the steel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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