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Epoxy on 3 sides = cupping?

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Hello all!

We are finishing a black walnut live edge slab to be used as a step into our whirlpool tub. We've used Ecopoxy UV on the top and side surfaces, but I'm wondering if we should also finish the underside with epoxy, both to protect the wood from water and to prevent cupping. Is this necessary or advisable? Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions or advice.
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I would do the 4th side. Another consideration is wet epoxy is slicker than wet ice. Hopefully you incorporated some shark grip into your step.
I certainly would in this case. Ditto the suggestion above about some kind of traction aid.
Thanks for the feedback. We were planning to finish like Contento did in this thread:

Sanded to a satin finish, but maybe that's still too slick? Might need to add another coat of epoxy with the shark grip. I haven't used it before, how does it affect the look of the wood? This is a beautiful black walnut slab so I would hate to detract from the finish, but safety is definitely a concern. Thanks again for your thoughts.
Is this indoor bathroom tub? I would definitely add some type of traction additive. It will give it a rough texture, satin will help it looks wise.
Sanded to a satin finish, but maybe that s still too slick?

- diydreamer
Satin is a look, epoxy is slick as ice. Get it wet and you go surfing, well maybe, likely just falling.

Sand, or some kind of grit in the finish, but all of them will distort the look of the wood IMHO. I would put it down to some things shouldn't get used as steps in wet area's.

Best of luck.
You may be right, SteveN. Probably should have thought this one through a bit more…
Still you posses a piece of wood you are fond of. Just need something a little more abrasive for a bath step. Doncha hate when you think you found a use for that special piece of wood….......
You may be right, SteveN. Probably should have thought this one through a bit more…

- diydreamer
Another option is to make the step out of matching wood type, but make a slatted style step. Then use the nice slab for something like a bath tray?
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