DeWalt - DC759, DW972 (Rating: 5)

Good evening LJ's posting another review of the tools I love The first pics show the two of them together, The second pic shows Lazarus the 18v drill who is the newest addition rescued from the trash bin and the third pic shows Elijah the cordless 12v drill who has served me for over 14 years this November:) You just can't kill these things This past Monday I found the 18v drill in a trash bin no batteries or charger with a locked up gear box after carefully disassembling the drill and finding a broken shifter I called DeWalt, The tech was great he not only made sure it was the right part but sent it to me at No charge!!!! Till then my drill only has one speed, but will be up to par this week:)
The DW972 12v drill has seen the gates of drill Hell, two days after I got it my shop roof collapsed and filled the five gallon bucket with the drill in it full of water, Afraid it was toast I pulled the trigger and IT WORKED !!!! through the years it has suffered two falls off the roof, one off a three story house and the other off my new shop:)
I averaged about 8 years off the batteries of the 12v and only one wire came loose after all that time :)
the 12v has helped me drill though concrete, build thee shops, and thousands of other projects. Both drills have ample power and will keep on working with me until God knows when :) There have been true stories of these things even surviving fires I can't attest to this and hopefully never will have to, But if you are looking to invest in a good cordless drill that will last a long time then get a DeWalt they are like the Energizer bunny They keep going and going