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Eight grid wooden boxes

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Luggage and bags Product Bag Rectangle Material property


decoration:lacquer,The leaves,petals.

The production process:
(1)The design drawing
Rectangle Screenshot Font Slope Parallel

(2)The virtual model
Rectangle Beige Wood Font Linens

(3)The finished product

Packing materials Rectangle Drawer Wood Toy

Rectangle Wood Font Drawer Wood stain

Product Rectangle Bag Wood Luggage and bags


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Nicely done and welcome to LJ's.
You should post this as a project where it will get a little more exposure.
Forum topics are more for questions and discussions.
LJ is a pretty laid back place and no one will give you static for posting it where ever you like but projects is the best place for it …. for you.
WOW! Nice work!
I use translation software,Can't write too much
Great job.

If you can, post on your profile where you are from so we may use translation software also.
Monte pittman:This is not the information of others.It comes from my own design.
Do you need my design drawings?
Evidently, Mr. Yao is in China.

The several projects he has recently posted are very nice!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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