Ryobi - Biscuit Joiner, JM82 (Rating: 4)

I have had this biscuit joiner the (JM82) for a few months and it has worked well. It's easy to adjust and handle. It seem a little more powerful than a porta cable one that I had used, it get up to full speed quicker than the PC.

The case is nice, but the bag location is a little awkward. It would also be nice if there were a better way to store extra biscuits in it. Additionally the cord gets bent pretty tight when put in the case, just past the strain relief on the unit, I cut the case to make it a little easier to wrap the cord up and get it in.

On last thing, the dust/chip collect is fine when working horizontal, but if you are plunging down its good for about 3 grooves, then it fails to put the chips in the bag and the port gets clogged.

You might be wondering why I gave it 4 stars, well the price is a big plus (about $100), and the minuses are not really big issues for me. If I used it more the dust collection would get annoying.