Stanley - Max Tape Measure 33-279 (Rating: 4)

I have enough tape measures for every room in the house and a couple for the shop but today I was 25 miles from home and the tape I brought wasn't large enough. So rather than make a 50 mile round trip into a 100 mile round trip, I went to a nearby Ace Hardware with a plethora of tape measures, Stanley, Lufkin, Dewalt, generics, and others. I liked the Dewalt best but it was $25 which I felt was too much so I bought a Stanley Max 25'. Normally I wouldn't review something only a day old but I gave it a good workout and like it quite a bit. The packaging claimed a 10' standout so first thing I pulled out 10' to see if it would break over, all was good. It was necessary to measure the inside of a restaurant for signage and measure from the ceiling down to a point about 6+ feet over my head. At that distance I could still read the numbers, can't do that with any of my other tapes. Also needed to measure 20' lengths with the hook caught on a shallow lip, 1/8" or less, and it held with no trouble even while walking around tables; my other tapes would have fallen off and would have required two people. Overall I'm impressed and give it a thumbs up.


  • Large, easy to read numbers
  • 10' standout, 1" wide blade
  • Double sided blade hook (top and bottom), so you could hook it under a door.
  • Rubber grips


  • Slide lock is stiff
  • Blade is glossy, didn't cause a problem inside but might in the sunlight
  • PVC case looks cheap
  • Pressure lock underneath requires a lot of pressure to hold blade, I cannot stop the blade from retracting.
  • Fractions not labeled