Wild Wood Designs - Easy Lift System (Rating: 5)

I recently purchased the Easy Lift System for the DeWalt DW788 Scrollsaw from wildwooddesigns.com. The Easy Lift System that will hold the upper arm in an open position making it easier to change blades or thread a blade through a work piece.

The design is very simple and you get all the hardware needed to install the lift system. I do have a slight problem with the instructions, but part of that comes from being a technical writer. If you read the instructions and follow them word for word, you will not have a problem installing the Easy Lift System. My problems with the instructions are purely from a writers point of view, they need a little polishing. However, doing one step at a time and reading each step completely before actually doing it will result in a smooth installation.

The installation process takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on how fast or slow you read and having the right tools for the job. Having the right Torx bits (25 and 27) will make the process go much more smoothly. Even though the instructions say you can use a small flat tipped screwdriver. I did try the screwdriver and did not have much trouble. But the Torx bits are of course much better.

I have only had the Easy Lift System for about a week. So I cannot speak about how well it lasts or long term use. But for the short time that I have had it, I am more then pleased. The $22.95 price and reasonable shipping costs I feel were well worth it. I also purchased a 12 pack of plastic tubes for storing blades.

Here is the product page:

I highly recommend this product of any owner of a DeWalt DW788 scrollsaw.

UPDATE 5/23/2010

I recently got a reply to an email I sent to Steve Good of Scrollsaw Workshop. He has a DW788 and installed the Easy Lift System on his scrollsaw a few years ago. He too is pleased with the Easy Lift System, and echoed my issues with the instructions. He did say that after a couple of years the spring will cut into the bracket, but simply moving the spring to a new hole will allow you to continue using the Easy Lift System. I also agree with his observation that by now DeWalt should of gotten the message and designed something similar into the machine.

If you are unfamiliar with Steve Good, I highly recommend that you visit and sign up for his blog at www.scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com. Great Information, useful patterns and more.