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Eastern Red Cedar source in SE MN area.

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I am looking for a reliable Eastern Red Cedar source in South Eastern Minnesota (Rochester area). My father, who is 80 years old, makes cedar crosses day in day out, and gives them away by the hundreds to churches around the area, and anyone who he meets. I was buying lumber here in SC, cutting it up and sending it to him, but you can imagine that got expensive. Then I started using Ebay to find the cedar and have it shipped. Eliminated the re-cutting, and shipping, but the cost is still way out of sight.

So I'm looking for anyone close to Rochester, where he could go and pick up 5-10 board feet every month or so and pick his own, so he doesn't complain about all the knots in the wood I have sent to him. ;) Cranky old guy…God love'm

So are there any sources up there? I did find FBT Sawmill, on the western side of the state off I-90, but that's a bit of a drive for an 80 year old.

Thanks for any help on this.

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Scott, I'm in California, so Eastern Red Cedar's not my bag. Sorry. I just responded because I had to say, Aged Ps. God love'em, every one. (Mine will be ninety in November.)
And to share this, in case you didn't see it before.

Hat Plant Cap Tree Baseball cap

Note to anyone who cares: Should you ever take your Antique Man, your Aged P, to a train show, keep a very close eye on it. If you lose track of it, it's almost impossible to locate. Really. You can't fling a dead possum at one of those events without hitting an Antique Man wearing a hat. I wasn't so lucky at the big one we went to last year. Took me DAYS to find him. Had to call out the NG.) Here's the scenario that happened almost immediately upon entering the grounds this time: Me, "did you see the old guy wearing a hat who I just came in with?" Perplexed bystander, waving arm in a sweeping gesture, "Which one is yours? We could have a sale on them today."


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Check with my friend Richard at His prices are very reasonable, and he is in Indiana.
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