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Easter egg dye on oak floor

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My sister just moved into a new home and her son spilled a cup of red easter egg dye in the middle of the kitchen floor. She cleaned it up immediately, but the dye did not completely come out. She has tried using vinegar, vinegar/water, and hydrogen peroxide. This lightened the stain, but it is still very noticeable. A flooring company already told her it will need to be sanded and refinished.

Any other suggestions she could try?
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How about a rug?
Hand woven hemp kitchen rug all the rage right now.:)
Good Luck
Call it a beauty mark.

If the stain is there not much you can do about it now so not urgent. Contact the company that makes the dye to see if anything will "cut" it. Other than that just leave it there and see what normal wear & tear does to it. Might as well wait to sand until all the little ones grow up and you can get all of the dings out along with the stain.
As far as I know, most easter egg dyes are just food coloring. Regular household bleach might neutralize it. Or maybe oxalic acid (wood bleach). If there is a typical film finish on the wood floor, I'm surprised it didn't wipe right up.
Easter egg dye is vegetable based dye, and will be sensitive to oxygenated cleaner/bleach. Which usually means hydrogen peroxide base. The challenge becomes has the dye penetrated the wood pores, or the stain only absorbed into the finish?

+1 oxalic acid.

+1 It the flooring is newer type with UV cure poly, surprised you can't float the color out of the finish.
Might try alcohol to help remove the residual oils that can absorb the dye and help it lock into finish or wood. Anything stronger might melt or alter the finish.

Wife claims she uses whitening tooth paste to remove Easter egg dye from skin and some clothes. It has a mild abrasive to help remove top layer of skin with dye in it. It can be aggressive abrasive, so go easy or might leave a faded white spot where you scrub. She used same tooth paste to remove some red nail polish residue from a wood floor once. If floor finish is gloss, tooth paste will remove the sheen, and make it matte finish. Will have to wax floor to even out the sheen.

Best Luck.
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