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I was working with some e. indian rosewood this afternoon and used odorless mineral spirits to wet sand it up to 1200. While it was attractive, I found that a couple hours later I was still smelling something funky.
Later, I noticed that I had a slight cough.

I was using hand tools (tenon saw, various rasps & files), so I wasn't exactly throwing dust all over the place.

What I can't figure out is how that would be the case. I was wearing an n95 particle respirator, gloves, and working outside. So ventilation obviously isn't the problem. Also, I can't see that my skin is at all irritated or red where it may have gotten exposed to dust. I'm not really sure what it could be, but I know that I don't usually run into any kind of problems with this stuff. I could just be acting like a hypochondriac, but better safe than sorry!

Any ideas?
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