Eagle America - Customer Service (Rating: 1)

Well, I had been eyeing some spiral carbide sets to upgrade my router bits. Had been shopping between Infinity and Eagle America. They both had similar holiday sales though executed slightly different. I settled on Eagle America because I do believe that they put together their sets more thoughtfully and ultimately better price value.

However when I went to create my basket and use the promo code I ran into an issue. The 5 piece carbide set did not take the promo. I tried all the other sets and they worked but I wanted the 5 piece. I thought it must be a miss as why would they do the 3 piece set and the 4 and 7 piece but not the 5. Also the Solid Carbide Router Bits page had the offer smack dab right there and said "10% extra of all items on this page" and you scroll down and there it is featured, the 5 piece set.

So I emailed customer service. No response. I called the 1-800 #. The person on the line seemed to not have a customer service like attitude. Almost like hurry it up what do you want. She also did not anything of what I was trying to tell her. She literally I said I really don't know much of these things. Also something weird, normally customer service listens… waits for you to finish your sentences, then always polite - "please wait", "may I put you on hold", "let me see how we can help you", etc. Nope, this person wouldn't let me finish trying to explain. Kept cutting me off and talking over me. No please, may I, can you, sorry, thank yous. In the end she got my item # and then tried to run it and sure enough it didn't take. But her automatic answer was, yeah it's not part of the sale. I tried to explain that wouldn't make sense and repeated all the things I mentioned above in this review. She said well then I can't help you, that's customer service (which I was confused as I thought that was what I called) but that they were closed and I needed to call back. I said okay.

I got off the phone and tried emailing again. Again the next day no response. Work got busy and I didn't get a chance to call until about 3pm PST. I went through the whole ordeal, and while it was a different person, same attitude! It must be me that was wrong and it seemed I was bothering them. So we get to the end and same thing, they said sorry you have to contact Customer Service and they are closed. I realized they were another time zone. I told her that I have called twice and tried emailing twice and no answer. She was like well nothing she can do so I just need to call back.

Next day no email response. I call back and this time within hours though towards later day. Again went through the same thing and got the same attitude. Finally I said I need customer service. I am not wrong about this and you have told me that I need to talk to customer service so please transfer me to someone who can help. She wouldn't listen to me, she seemed to put me on hold and was talking to someone and then came back and said yeah sometimes these sales they don't cover everything. There's a special gift catalog page… blah and I kept trying to explain and she kept talking over me. I finally convinced her to go to their web page and see for herself. She was very reluctant but I wouldn't give up so she did. Then she put me on hold and seemed to be talking to someone again (don't know why she wouldn't say, would you excuse me or may I put you on hold to find out more info?). She comes back and says okay we'll let you have the deal, like it was a favor to me and I wasn't right.

So then we go to process the offer and same attitude in taking my address and not letting me finish. We get to some point and she says, you want UPS or some other regular shipping. I said what's the difference? She said one's faster but more expensive. I said wait I have to pay for shipping (these days if you spend more than $100 you usually get free ship, I was spending way more than that and Infinity's deal said more than $80 free ship so I guess I assumed). But her response was bad attitude too, like duh yeah of course you need to pay shipping, it's not free you know. So a few secs on that debate and I said fine what's the shipping and it was like $17 bucks basically wiping out the discount. I was doing the calcs and I was about to say okay let's just do it and I could just sense the attitude still about it and at some point I just had enough of working this hard to buy something from them and I just said, you know what forget it. I'm done. And then she said okay fine then have a nice.. and she actually hung up before she even finished that sentence.

For some reason I had assumed Eagle America would have great customer to go with the great reviews on their actual router bits. Not sure folks here have had a different experience but obviously I found it super disappointing and upsetting.