DustCutter - II for contractor style tablesaws (Rating: 5)

I have a small shop and use a Ridgid TS3650 contractor style table saw. Dust collection has always been a problem. I have tried enclosing the saw with hardboard pieces in the past but this makes it impossible to tilt your blade as the motor sticks out.

I recentlly bought this product, the Dustcutter II from Woodcraft. It is basically a dust bag shaped like a funnel with a 2 1/4" port at the end. It attaches to the table saw from the inside by velcro.

The installation guide says that you have to flip the saw on its back, sand the inside of your saw, clean up with water and then adhere the velcro. After 24h of curing the velcro glue, you can attach the bag, flip the saw back on its feets and you are good to go.

That saw is 300lbs+. Flipping it requires removing the fence and then its a two man operation. I did not want to do that. Instead I was able to simply crawl under and install the velcro that way. Only took a few rounds of swearing.

Once installed, you can use it either by attaching a vacuum to it or periodically empty it via the port (there is a plug on it) or even a zipper. You can also run with the zipper on and put a bucket underneath to collect the dust.

I was not too keen on using the bucket technique because of course, you would still breeze the sawdust. Instead, I tested it by attaching by Ridgid 6.5HP vacuum to it. It works beautifully! The suction is enough that I can feel it from above the table saw through the insert (I have a zero clearance insert so this helps. There is only a small gap between the blade and the insert).

I tried ripping some 2×4 for a while and it collected the vast majority of the dust. Even with the back of the saw opened, the funnel shape combined with the powerful vacuum pretty much sucked all the dust and barely anything escaped from the back opening where the motor sticks out.

I highly recommend this to people who have contractor saws and have been trying to mitigate the dust.