Onieda Air Systems - Plastic Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

Just picked up my DD today at the local Woodcraft store.

Was not sure what to expect…only watched the online video as well as the reviews here and at other sites.

Put it together per instructions, hooked it up to my old Ridgid 4.5 hp wet-dry vac and "POW"...it worked much better than expected.

It was like adding a supercharger to my vac…cleaned up alot of sawdust on the floor and inside my TS cabinet in no time flat.

I plan on getting a new 6.5 shop vac soon and can't wait to use the combo with my router table as well as a few power hand tools.

When it comes time to replace my portable dust collector unit with a larger one, these guys will get my first look.

Made in USA, nice quality workmanship and works really well. That equated to VALUE by my definition.

My $.02 RTS