Onieda Air Systems - Plastic Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

I received the kit today and I was excited to try this sucker out. (No pun intended….Okay maybe a little) The kit had all of the bolts, washers and nuts. It went together easily, but the directions were not perfectly clear. The only complaint of assembly is that there was not enough copper tape included to ground the system as suggested. I took the system to my shop and hooked it up to my Shop vac. The cyclone's connections were tapered so connecting to my vac was easy. I cleaned out my filter on my vac, put it back in my vac, and turned on the system. I was off I started vacuuming up piles and piles of saw dust. But all of a sudden I lost suction, but I figured out it was my vacuum's hoes that clogged and hand nothing to do with the dust deputy. I then decided to really test it out. I had a five gallon bucket underneath my table saw that was collecting the dust. About 2.5 gallons worth. I the system sucked up the dust in about 10-15 seconds without a hiccup. Nice.