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The need for change

For some reason I have had a problem lately with the bags on my dust collector (DC) coming off during use.
Needless to say it made quite a mess. It seemed that I couldn't get the cloth belts that held the bags
on any tighter. My first thought was to get a canister as a retrofit, but about 10 years ago the DC I
bought was a generic brand. A Reliant. So nothing I found would fit it.

Here's my current system:

So I figured that I needed to look into a better system for attaching the bags. I e-mailed Grizzly (since I had heard on this site that they had great customer service) and gave them the specs (Diameter and Circumfrence of my DC's middle section) and asked them if their metal band they use for theirs would fit mind and if it were available separately. I got a yes on both accounts, so for $13.99 US I bought 2.

Well, it turns out they were too big. I ended up cutting them in half and pop-riviting it back together to
the correct size. It worked perfectly. It was a good temporary solution, because I still wanted a canister type
filter. I have heard that they work so much better.

So I started looking for a new DC system. I wanted a 2HP system like I already had since it worked
perfectly for my size shop. They all seemed to go for between $450 and $500 US with shipping. A little
more then I wanted to spend. Then I found exactly what I was looking for. A retfro-fit kit that included
the metal middle section with the canister so I knew for a fact theat they will fit. $258 US delivered.

This is the canister section:

I should take delivery later next week so I will post more pictures and show the installation.

I will be interested in seeing this. I have been looking to upgrade mine as well.
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