Grizzly - G0548ZP Dust Collector Polar Bear Series (Rating: 5)

Well another year has come and gone and I must have been a real good boy this year. Look what Santa brought me! It arrived in 2 boxes early November and sat in my garage until I was allowed to open it on Christmas Day. What a torture and a display in self control that was. I was drooling like a rabid dog, wanting to tear into it and hook it up etc. but my wife said I had to wait till Santa arrived. I still can' figure that one out. Why would Santa drop off my present in early November just to make me wait. LOL Anyway, I was in the middle of a workshop (basement) renovation and wasn't ready for it anyhow. So Christmas arrives and I have my renovation job at a point where I can hook this DC up and let it rip. And MAN-OH-MAN does it rip. Sounds like a jet engine taking off. But it sucks like a, like a well, well like a Dust Collector (got to keep it clean). Assembly was very easy and took maybe 30 minutes, one problem was the flange on a piece was slightly bent but that was an easy fix. The instructions were well written and all the parts were there plus an extra plastic bag. I went to Woodcraft and bought a remote switch with it, which makes it nice.
Pros- easy assembly, suction is wonderful, looks nice, on casters, 3 ports, no dust noticed through the filter.
Cons- bent flange, louder than I thought. I have to wear ear muffs more often which is probably a good thing.
It's not running continuous so the noise isn't bad. My workshop area is 36' x 10' so I am bot sitting right on top of it. I was thinking of building an enclosure to help with the noise but that will be later on down the road.

So now I have to run the ducting etc and finish my renovation. I went from a home made cyclone with a shop-vac attachment to this so its a major improvement. So this DC with my $150.00 garage-sell find "Jet AFS-1000 Air Filtration Unit" really keeps this dust to a minimum. Oh yeah plus my dust mask.