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Dust collection fittings for GS1023SL Tablesaw Dust Hood

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Hi guys, just a quick question.

I'm trying to get what I need to hook up a shop vac that I have in the garage to my TS. The shop vac is a regular 2 1/2" hose and the ts has a 4" dust hood. So i'm guess I need a 4" → 2.5" reducer? Would that fit onto the dust hood on the TS or would I need to get a hose for the TS dust hood and then use that hose to attach it to the 4" → 2.5" reducer?

Here is the link.

I've not used the dust collection fittings at all before, but I would imagine if Lowes carried anything above 2" as hose wise or fitting wise it would be a lot easier on me :)

Thanks guys,

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Kevin: You will need a reducer from 4-2 1/2". The problem you'll run into is that your shop vac is not powerful enough and have enough suction to keep up with the dust and chips from the t.s. You really need a dust collector. But if you don't have one, then you have to make due with the vac. The shop vac sucks and the d.c. blows air around before pulling it into the d.c. Depending on the s.v. you have, you may only have about 150-200 cfms.
DOH, that's exactly what I knew someone was going to say :) Yeah, I do plan on an actual DC system sometime in the near future, but not at the immediate moment though.

The s.v is rated for 195 cfms which is fine for the jointer i'm using it for, but I was worried about the TS though.
kevin: If the jointer is not loading up the s.v, and you're not having trouble with it, then you should be ok on the t.s. The jointer always pulls more dust and chips. I have never used a s.v on major tools. I have a 1200 cfm d.c. hooked to each of mine, so I don't really know. But you should be fine if only using one tool at a time.
Ok, thanks Rick. The s.v. doesn't have a problem with the jointer and I will be using 1 tool at a time. Actually I can't wait to get a DC though.

Khays- I got my reducer at Woodcraft and it worked fine with a shop vac on the TS until I got my DC unit.
Get a Hepa filter for your SV though or you will be putting a lot of fines into the air. When the weather was warmer I just ran the TS by the garage door and the SV outside to vent the fines.

I would have to open the door to the TS about once a week and vac out the insides as Rick pointed out the SV won't move enough air to really keep it clean.

Once I got the DC unit I used the reducer for the hose from my RAS, so that worked out well.
Cato, sounds like a plan and to think I used to breathe all that fine mist. No wonder I got sinus pressure and sneezing back then, LOL.

I know better now that dust needs to be controlled :)
Kevin - As others have said, the collection bin on the SV will be filled quickly. One thing you can do to give yourself more capacity, is to add a second collection bucket….a 5 or 7 gallon bucket with a dust separator lid is one option, but you can also add a something larger if you get creative.

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Ooooh, gotta love pics knotscott! Pictures sometimes are worth a thousand words.

Thanks everybody!
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