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I built mine following Terry Hatfield's plans (they are shown in this link). I made the body out of 1/2" baltic birch, and the slides out of 1/4" plywood. I'm quite satisfied with them, and mine have been in service now for about 8 years. They aren't finished, and I suggest you not finish yours. These pieces are small enough that any wood movement is minor and of no functional consequence. I also suggest screwing the body halves together instead of glue. That way if you need to do some adjustment (tighten, loosen, whatever) it's very easy. Basically I bought a 6" union (coupler) and cut it in 1/2. That became the flanges. The holes in the body halves were cut large enough to allow the flanges to be inserted, and then screwed from the inside to the plywood. They also needed to be sealed on the outside around the edge with silicone. My gates were sliders (one direction to open, the other to close) instead of being completely removable…although the removable ones can be an advantage against a wall or something. Between the 2 halves of the body is a spacer made out of the same plywood (important, given the differences in thicknesses). If you want a little more room for easy sliding, put a piece of masking tape in there. If I were doing them over, I might look for a plastic material to make the slides, but the plywood has worked really well over the years.

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