Alert Stamping - 5020TF-4C, 12-Gauge, Retractable Reel with 4 Outlets (Rating: 5)

I recently installed a couple circuit breakers and a bunch of electrical outlets on two walls of my garage shop. I really like having my machines plugged in and ready to go-even though I'm only using, at the most, two at a time. I hate having to bend over for a power cord or hunt for an available extension cord . . . maybe I'm just lazy!

In any event, all of my hard work still required that my machinery in front of the garage doors and in the middle of the bays be powered by extension cords strewn about the floor. I dislike that almost as much as having to bend over for a cord. I invariably have to roll something around and fight with the cords or trip over the darn things. My solution was to install four outlets in the ceiling of my garage, in between the rails of each garage door. I then purchased four of the Alert Stamping retractable cord reels with 12-gauge wire and four-outlet plugs. I wanted the heavier wire for the benefit of my machines, even though the reels only have 15-amp fuses.

I adjusted all of the reels so the outlet boxes hang six feet, four inches high off the deck. I am five inches shorter so they are within easy reach but I don't have to worry about hitting my head. I can now power my hand tools at my bench without dragging a cord across the floor. The same goes for the machinery in the middle of my shop. It is great and the Alert Stamping reels are simple to operate. They weren't cheap at $74.00 a piece but they seem well made and the hassle they save me makes them worth every penny.