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Drool.... Drool... Drool... the All New Unisaw

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Touche to Delta on the new design - this thing is beautiful - seriously. and looks very user friendly to use, has the important safety/usability features that are needed, and is made in the US of A.

can I have one? make that 2!

here are links:

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they can - it's identical to the Bosch 4100 blade guard which is the one I have - both sides work independently of one another… and it's not a sin to lust after powertools - it's an addiction.
JJackson - with all due respect for the innovation behind SawStop (and I do think it's a great idea!) what exactly in the Unisaw is a clone of the SawStop? I fail to see it? aside from the blade stopping mechanism - there is nothing special with the SawStop…

Riving knife? that is from European saws, and is finally being picked up by all the american made saws (SawStop, Powermatic, Jet, Delta, Bosch, etc…) great thing, hope to see more of it in future saws.

What else ? blade lock lever? same thing - all the new saws have that now - people like toolless work…. and in that sense - I think the Unisaw is amazingly thought through - toolless riving knife adjustments - and from the front of the table so you dont need to squeeze your hand into the blade gap? I think thats awesome!

Dual front control for bevels and blade height - it just doesnt get any easier and more convenient than that…

Like I wrote in my Bosch table saw review - I am hard to impress with a new saw now that I got used to having a riving knife, and tool less blade guard mechanism, and none (repeat - NONE) of the hybrid saws have any of those as of yet. I will be in the market for a more powerful saw in the (not too far) future -and to this moment I couldn't find anything that "wowed" me - but this new Unisaw sure did! This one is definitely on my list- just a matter of price and time. unless they decide to incorporate the new features in the next hybrid line of saws which would be more convenient for me - no need for 220v circuits - but I doubt that would happen (can always keep hoping).
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Lee and Bob I think the same - to be honest, I'm NOT a Delta fan, they seem to be of 'ok' quality, but nothing too spectacular, nor of any high quality that would make you proud of owning one of those - but this new Saw might finally be one tool that will be different in that aspect - the potential is most definitely there… lets see how it performs.
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