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Drilling rpm with Forstner bit

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I'm going to be drilling some catch all round boxes on my lathe, both 1" and 1 1/4". My lathe is on the 1700 rpm belt. I can change belt position and drop to 900 but that's as slow as I can go. Is drilling at 1700 ok?
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I would not use 1700 rpm; if nothing else you will over heat the bit and burn the wood. Use 900 and be careful not to force it. Make sure you blank piece is secure and if going very deep move in and out to clear the chips. I usually work at about 500 to 700 rpm. The larger the bit the slower I go.
just learned something thanks to the Captain, did not realize there were both forstner bits and multi-spur bits. i have both and just thought they were all called forstner. I wonder how small of size the multi-spur go down to?
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